Please feel free to browse through our current programs. These initiatives are either running currently or run consistently throughout time. If you have any recommendations or insights on programs you would like to see Young Fastener Professionals pursue in the future, please contact us. 


Young Fastener Professionals orchestrates a multitude of networking events with the intention of lessening the anxiety and nervousness one may experience without having established a professional network yet. We offer an inviting and friendly atmosphere for professionals of all ages at our events. 

This NFDA/YFP mentorship program serves the needs of young professionals by pairing them with willing mentors focused on advancing the mentee's personal career goals. The goal of this program is to provide support and educational opportunities to young professionals while developing a more diverse leadership pool for the industrial distribution industry.

To thrive in the future, the fastener industry needs to develop and support the next generation of leaders. The biggest opportunities for younger professionals are to establish relationships early in their career, to continue learning (post-formal education), and to be involved in advancing their industry. The Leadership Academy engages professionals from all generations, to ensure a pipeline of future leaders.

Collaborating with The Fastener Industry Coalition (FIC), sponsored an initiative to identify 30 individuals 30 years of age or younger who have made a significant impact within their companies and/or the fastener industry . Termed 30 Under 30, this recognition program was open to any fastener industry professional 30 years old or younger. Candidates were nominated by members of the fastener community, and a short essay was part of the selection process. This program ran in 2014 and 2015.

Young Fastener Professionals developed a survey that was made available during Q1 and Q2 during FY15 for individuals employed in the fastener industry to voluntarily submit responses. The survey entitled, “How to Attract & Retain Millennials in the Fastener Industry” aims to provide first-hand, direct feedback on what we (as fastener professionals) are looking for in terms of job satisfaction to expectantly increase retention.

The report can be found here.