Young Fastener Professionals collectively form a community based on collaboration for both educating & learning.

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30 uNDER 30

A peer-nominated, recognition program in conjunction with the Fastener Industry Coalition to acknowledge the industry's millennial generation for their hard work and dedication.

Leadership academy

Partnering with the NFDA, we are proud to bring this collaborative and highly interactive workshop to the Chicago area this November! With a focus on leadership, this all-ages event will not be one to miss. Click here for more information.


This forward-thinking mentorship program will serve the needs of young fastener professionals by pairing them with willing mentors focused on advancing the mentee's personal career goals. 

Our Mission.


Creating an inclusive community to empower the next generation of fastener professionals and their companies through education, collaboration and networking.

Who We Are.

Young Fastener Professionals is a community of young professionals that seek to offer a glimpse of the fastener industry through the perspective of the next generation. While respectfully preserving the industry’s past, the next generation is hastily shaping the future of the business spectrum through technology, while implementing the most current business practices. This organization hopes to create a platform for young professionals, and the businesses employing them to develop, educate and enhance a variety business initiatives through strategic analyses.



Congratulations to Ryan Kertis!


Young Fastener Professionals Founder, Ryan Kertis received the first ever Young Fastener Professional of the Year award from Emerald Expositions and the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo! Ryan was recognized for the significant contributions he has made towards the betterment of the fastener industry in a ceremony at the 2016 National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas, NV.



Attracting & Retaining Employees


Young Fastener Professionals developed a survey that was made available during Q1 and Q2 during FY15 for individuals employed in the fastener industry to voluntarily submit responses. The survey entitled, “How to Attract & Retain Millennials in the Fastener Industry” aims to provide first-hand, direct feedback on what we (as fastener professionals) are looking for in terms of job satisfaction to expectantly increase retention. In this 30 minute presentation we will present a case analysis based on the survey findings including, but not limited to the following topics:

1.         Important Job Attributes when Considering a New Job

2.        The Importance of Promoting from Within

3.         Areas of Improvement for Fastener Companies

4.        Generating New Ideas

5.        Recognition

6.        Onboarding Procedures/Processes

The case analysis was prepared by a number of Young Fastener Professional members who conducted independent research to substantiate the survey’s findings. Their supplementary discoveries add informative content from scholarly sources to further provide direction on attracting and retaining personnel.